ALL HOLLOW gets women naked

by Andreea Vasile

Monica Bârlădeanu on the cover of the pilot issue of ALL HOLLOW

Let’s rewind this week. 7 days ago, Maria Desmirean, one of the editors at ALL HOLLOW, wrote me an email asking where to send the pilot issue to me. Every day ever since I asked the workplace reception if the mag arrived. It finally did this morning when the reception girl smiled, waved the mag and said: It’s here!


I literally grabbed it! I can’t explain whether it’s the ALL HOLLOW team that’s good at teasing people or if it was their online work I kept in touch with for the past year and loved it so that got me all excited. Took a sit at my desk and, gladly, with this summer at full speed, people are away on holiday and there’s a quiet atmosphere all around the office. A hot cup of coffee on the side and there I am looking at pictures: amazing pictures of beautiful women, some naked, some almost naked, some not naked enough. It’s the kind of pictures that make you want to get naked as well.


Veronica Paşcu, the Romanian model, opens the issue with a great nude photography session shot by Barna Nemethi, also editor in chief, and Vlad Feneşan. Titled “Lust in black and white”, we get to see Veronica standing. The background is minimalistic and, besides her body and her face expressions, there is nothing that draws attention. The person has the power and exclusively catches the reader’s eye.

Monica Bârlădeanu, in pictures shot by Barna Nemethi, is completely different from what you’ve seen of her in other Romanian magazines. She’s not the pretty dressed body and cute face anymore. Forget about the shiny, sparkly outfits and untouchable seriousness. This time, Monica plays with the camera dressed only in the American flag. I don’t know how the team at ALL HOLLOW managed to convince her into doing this, but I remember some of her Facebook statuses praising the professionalism of the young creative team.

Bogdan Şerban, one of the voices of Radio Guerrilla, ends this edition. It also benefits from the longest written piece, one in which I honestly wouldn’t have invested, but this is just because I find him fake. I have been listening to him several times interviewing international bands playing in Romania and it’s been always poor in terms of questions, thing that made me think this guy does his research from only Wikipedia.


The first issue of ALL HOLLOW will be on the market in September. You can find this pilot issue with DoR #9. Buy it and read more about what their plans are and also keep in mind they are looking for collaborations so if you have something cool in mind, be it visual or writing, you have a place to express yourself.


ALL HOLLOW is: Barna Nemethi, Maria Desmirean, Vlad Feneşan, Andreea Ioniţă, Oana Vasilache, Bianca Naumovici.


P.S. I have written this text in English because ALL HOLLOW is a Romanian magazine written in English so I thought that if I were to give them feedback, why not do it in their working language?

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