Andy Rehfeldt: “I try to fulfill my dream”

by Andreea Vasile

When I first heard Andy Rehfeldt‘s dubs on YouTube I thought to myself: this is awesome! I spent half of the day just going through his creative reinterpretations of popular songs and some of them made me laugh really hard.

So I found it to be a really good opportunity to start a series of interviews in English with people I just find exciting and ask them about their life, work and passions.

I wrote to Andy, he was kind to answer back and this interview happened. Before reading it, just have in mind that Andy is a musician and composer from Tuscon/Arizona/USA, hoping to make it big one day while making people have a good time with his work.

The first of your songs that I came across on YouTube was Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”, then Rammstein’s “Du Hast” made a total impression on me. When and why did you start rearranging popular songs?

Thank you!  I started this 6 years ago, when I first found vocal tracks on the Internet. I thought to myself: “Ok, I can do anything I want to with this”. So I discovered this great opportunity to express my creativity through the manipulation of pop stars and extreme metal bands, both of which I’m a fan of.

What is the next piece you are working on as we speak?

I am just about to start working on a death metal version of a weird video that went viral on YouTube a while ago.  It was requested by my friend, The Markness, who sent his vocals and creative input. The Markness is the first death metal vocalist that I started collaborating with.

How do you choose your songs? What makes you go: oh, this one could be nice if I turn it into metal, jazz or bossa nova?

What I find on the Internet determines what  I do next.  Also, if something is currently popular, I might look for that particular vocal track.  I also must look for a corresponding live video before I can begin to make my version.

You’re educated in music! What does it mean getting an education in music, a very creative field?

My parents are classical musicians and they taught me.  Then I went to a University and got a degree in music composition. After I graduated, I became a waiter.  So I had to work much harder for 10 years before I actually got a real music job.

Which one of the videos is the most popular until now and why do you think it got so big? 

Enter Sandman( Smooth Jazz) is still the most popular video.  I guess because there is a huge amount of Metallica fans who find out about it.

Which one is your favorite and why?

There are many favorites, but my Cannibal Corpse video stands out, because it was my first “Radio Disney” video and it is my funniest, in my opinion.

Is there any band or singer so far who transformed sounded better than the original?

Well, many of the pop stars have really crappy music behind them, in my opinion. So, I think I’ve made The Weekend, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Kesha, Justin Bieber and many others sound better. But don’t listen to me, I’m just a metal head!

You’ve got a day to day job! When do you find the time to work on this project of yours and why is it important to invest time in it as an aside thing to do?

I work at Endlessnoise Music in Santa Monica as a composer.  In between work, I try to fulfill my dream of being an internationally renowned musician, by creating funny video dubs that also convey myself, through my musical arrangements.

You are a multi-instrumentalist! How does this ability make your work easier?

It saves a lot of time, because I can create everything without having to rely on other musicians.

How do you think you could make a living out of this, did this ever cross your mind?      

I’ve thought about it a lot. I believe something financially beneficial will come out of it.


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