I must stop and shop

by Andreea Vasile

Due to a not so big number of foreign friends, yet faithful, that I have on Facebook, I was thinking whether or not to write posts in English alongside the Romanian ones. Most of the times I post on Facebook about the stuff I write on this blog, I’m being asked what the theme was. Google Translate doesn’t do much justice to my texts so I guess that was it: I have to start writing in English as well.

This first post deals with a very universal theme: what brand makes you crave for its products so bad that you must stop and shop everytime you pass by? The brand that makes me want to go in is the German DM. I thought about it and I think I feel like shopping everytime I pass by because it offers many different products, from cosmetics, to bio-food, to tiny crap we never really need but buy because the packaging is so damn adorable.

Today I was in its area so I went in and bought shampoo for blonde hair (I didn’t have that), a stick to cover spots on my face and a pack of dry fruits and nuts (which I always have in my bag). I managed to spend 10 euro even if I didn’t buy much but I was so happy when I came out of there. Ok, happier than I usually am.

What is the brand that makes you stop and shop? Why?

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Heike May 12, 2011 - 8:39 pm

Haha, funny – I’m the same with DM!! I really love it and there is always something I HAVE to buy when I’m in there. Same attitude walking through the “Drugstore”, called “Müller” and in there it’s even worse! In addition to all that “wellness” products, this store has some more different areas, i.e. one with funny&stylish mugs (I <3 BIG MUGS) and a huuuuge section for sweets – yummie sweets – and I can't resist! And, of course, I need them all – now – even if they are just for my goodies-drawer…
And YES, I feel happier to carry a white bag with me, with two blue letters "dm" printed on it 🙂

Andreea May 13, 2011 - 5:44 am

ahahahahahaha. your people infected my people with DM. and some other people around the world 🙂

Corina May 13, 2011 - 6:25 am

I also fell in love with Drogerien when I came to Germany, though my favourite is Rossmann and not DM. However, when it comes to shopping addictions (either Bucharest in Berlin), I’m a peasant. 🙂 I have two favourite markets in each of these places (Maybachufer here, we had coffee there) and Floreasca in Bucharest. The colours of fresh fruit and vegetables, the atmosphere… love it!

AntiGelu May 16, 2011 - 9:08 pm

Well, I do also have these kind of “cravings”…for “Mayersche” and “Media Markt”.


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