Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

by Andreea

The pursuit of happiness means that one should look for this everywhere and anywhere. I said it before and now, I’m saying it once more, with the firm belief: I will not find happiness here. I feel million miles away from whatever this country is. I cannot say why I am still here. I had moments I felt I am ought to be here because I can bring a different flavor in the different contexts I got in. Lately, I don’t feel it anymore even if, at times, I wished everything would bloom with fresh and open-minded perspectives and I was sure it would. But it didn’t.

I have been into lots of episodes lately in which people around me had been treated bad and every time I thought they would rise and shine and fight against, they ended up comfortably numb. They found reasons, they found pretexts, they stood in places that treat them bad and they accepted things that they didn’t feel like taking. And yet…I think this lack of power and opposition from young people is what gets me most. I think it pretty much starts here. Courage is rare. I don’t see any around. At least not around me.

Bucharest is on place 114 out of the 210 capital cities in the world when it comes to infrastructure. 700 streets in Bucharest don’t have water, gases and canalization. More than 1 million people live in Bucharest even if they aren’t all officially registered here. Yet, they only had 35 voting places available. Of course, not all managed to vote. I have friends that waited for 3-4 hours to vote. Some did not get to do it…

Traian Basescu, who my friends and myself thought we’d escape got into 2nd elections round on 1st place. Mircea Geoana, his competitor, is part of the PSD party that pretty much was born out of the formal communist party and which ruled this country for most period after the 1989 Revolution. We’re pretty much back from where we started. And that is so sad. So sad.

One should pursue one’s own happiness and the happiness of the loved ones. Anytime, anywhere. This is what staying true to life means. Rest is just bollocks…


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