On how I met Toma Coconea for an interview, but I forgot to record it

coconea bun

Toma Coconea (left side) and Daniel Pisică (right side) form the Romanian team for Red Bull X-Alps, the toughest adventure competition in the world. In the picture, I am smiling excited for having such champions by my side, but also because, at the time, I did not realise I did not record the interview.

It is 10 AM, I am having coffee at the Romanian Red Bull Headquarters and I am waiting to meet Toma Coconea for an interview. As I sip from the cup, I have no clue about what questions to ask a man that repeatedly flew and walked for hundreds of kilometers just because … he can. I have read previous interviews Toma Coconea gave and I know he does not talk much and when he does he reffers to his successes in few words such as „when you really love what you do, it is easy to achieve big things„. So, as you can see, he says the same things I would say if someone asked me why I do what I do, „out of passion”. But as I try to figure out what kind of story I want from this guy, the only Romanian participating in one of world’s most difficult competitions and one of the 30 competitors, I hear my name called: „Andreea, come and meet Toma”. Citește în continuare „On how I met Toma Coconea for an interview, but I forgot to record it”

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